11 / 13 / 17

Flash forward to the year 2004; the peak of technological advancement and the pinnacle of convenience. The Vivitar Mini Digital Camera has just been released and its specifications are just unbelievable! An excellent resolution of 352x288 pixels with the capacity to store twenty images at a time! A better quality camera cannot be found!

The first image of the day. A failed attempt to frame the crosswalk of the streets below, but a pleasant surprise of capturing the urbanscape and blue skies above provided enough charm to suit my needs.

The customary bathroom selfie. Looking less cordial than usual, but I had dance classes today.

I reached too far for the stars and fell victim against the heat of the sun. I had not expected such a lack of depth in the quality of the image, but understanding the ability of the camera in such a way is a process to proceed with.

Light sensitivity (or lack of) is a key component in attempting to capture a moment. But that is the price of convenience.

A photographer with a digital camera. (Just like me!)

My watercolor journal. 

A close-up (?).

A photogenic boyfriend.

Scribbled calculus notes.

Calculus class with my favorite professor. 

The Math Lab, where I take several pilgrimages to every week and exit with more wisdom and questions than the proceeding visit.

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