11 / 17 / 17

Quite an eventful day for the Vivitar Mini Digital Camera. An adventure to record!

Have you seen?

Began the day by ripping music off of one of my favorite albums to burn onto a blank disc
so that I can feel less anxious if and when I do lose my burned disc.
I missed listening to music from my compact discs.

Hmm...what to wear today?

A cozy outfit with candy flavored bubble gum.

Learned about integrals today.

Overheard a gossip girl while resting outside.

An art student.

The parking structure at 5:30 P.M. (6:30 P.M. disregarding daylight savings).

A cold shelter.

A warm welcome (after an hour long drive to another university).


A tiny mirror in a public restroom. I found this to be quaint.

The auditorium.

The dancers on stage. A wonderful performance.

American food at an American diner until my friends and I stuffed ourselves silly by the stroke of midnight.
Many good laughs and stories were shared at the table. A perfect night.

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