11 / 18 / 17

Limited use of the Vivitar Mini Digital Camera, today.
Many occurrences in-between the use of the camera left me to forgetting its existence, but allowed me to intensely focus on my reality.

Woke up a bit late in the day. I began my morning by engaging my visual senses with Pamtri's surrealist creations.
Nothing else can compare to waking up to good art.

Decided to go outside, afterwards. I had forgotten to wear my wrist watch today, so I had to continuously check the time with my phone.

My burned albums. With trashy covers.

A routine photograph of the sky. God bless the Internet.

Good radio.

A teary eye.

After visiting my boyfriend, I came back home, early in the evening. I cooked food for my family, and had a wonderful time learning about how their days went. 
Because I was exposed to a lot of heat while cooking, I had to relieve my dry eyes with the refreshing kiss of cool, moisturizing eye drops. A speck of mercy, for a weary soul.

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