11 / 19 / 17

I had quite a difficult time today trying to reduce the amount of negativity curdling within my thoughts.

This distorted image really captures the anger I felt about a very minor issue. I wrote and sent a wall of text to a few of my friends to get some advice on the matter. After realizing that my anger stemmed from an irritation that I felt by being frequently exposed to negativity within an online community that I participate in, I found that my complaint was no better than the ones who had initially irritated me with their complaints.

Quite a disruptive morning before entering a place of worship, half an hour later. But the message of the sermon led me to meditate upon my own course of action.

And thankfully, there was a banquet of good food to feed the hungry and restless.

After Sunday service, I went to go get an automatic car wash. Luckily, the cashier was is some sort of good mood or felt kind today to have given me extra stamps on my punch card so that the next time I would go, the wash will be free!

About two hours ago, I began a small project that helped transformed my negative energy into a positive experience. I decided to create a PSA on intellectual property rights. I am uncertain if I will post the images anywhere else. But I felt relieved after providing something helpful rather than harmful and keeping myself in check. 

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