11 / 27 / 17

I was unable to get enough sleep the other night, which affected my performance to function well, throughout the day, and to take photographs on my Vivitar Mini Digital Camera; as such, I only have a few images to share for today. 

Painted in my room during the late hours of last night until the early hours of this morning. 
Created a rough sketch of a performer from the dance performance that I had attended two weeks ago.

Not a good painting, to say the least. 

Half an hour late to my first class.

A phase of me revealed.

The face of a friend. (An art piece crafted by a friend.)

Notes on integrals, after being introduced to the Feldenkrais Method in my previous class.

Went on a date with my boyfriend and chatted at a coffee shop for a bit. It was a good evening.

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