12 / 07 / 17

I thought today was going to be like any other day. But it's my fault for not being as attentive as I should have been when the emergency services provided a county-wide warning, stating to be careful as weather conditions were risky and dangerous.

Trump announced only yesterday that America was officially recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. 

Now, we burn in hell.

I don't understand how students at school were remotely calm about the situation. The fires may have not been an immediate threat to our site but it has been towards our neighboring cities,--with the wildfire burning for over 1,000 acres, at 0% containment...that level of danger is certainly frightening to me.

I drove to my sister's school to take her home with me.

I listened intently, as news of the Lilac Fires continued to scour the overgrowth and homes beneath their flames, with the winds fervently encouraging their rampage. I immediately began to pack my belongings, in case the fire ever hit close to my home. Prayers to God are being sent, as I await for the final outcome.

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