12 / 27 / 17

The trip to hell was over. But it was just a matter of surviving the homesickness and throttling anxieties that worried me. It was my first day (last night was the first night) in England. I traveled nine hours into the future but was missing the nine hours away from home.

Being beside my boyfriend at all times felt like such a clutch. I felt like a burden to his family and I felt guilty not being home. I felt almost alone in my worries. 

Looking back at these photos make me feel slightly melancholy. The unfamiliar scared me.

Although, this iridescent, wheel-shaped fidget spinner helped me to ease my tensions.

Not to mention these large bags of Haribos.

If there was any sort of comfort I felt throughout this unfamiliar land, it was Poundland.


My first dine-in meal in England. My boyfriend and I had some amazing doner kebabs. I soon grew to enjoy the various foods offered by the Motherland.

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