12 / 29 / 17

I remember being very excited on this day. It was the day that we were to travel by train to London. I have been warned by his family members as well as mines that it may be an unsafe journey over there, but I had to go see it!

Signs of the presence of consumerist addicts.

The Kettering train station.

A lovely day, out and about with the love of my life.

Arrival at St. Pancras Station.

At the underground subway tunnels of London Underground. My favorite type of public transport.

The Museum of London.

A computer screen, showcasing information about some of the gallery exhibitions.

Finally! Korean food! 
(And the only Korean food I was able to eat during my entire stay in England.)

A kiosk by the train station.

An underground thrift shop for the youth scene (but I am the youth?...)

Brick Lane reminded me so much of Los Angeles. I felt so cozy there.

Riding the late night train back to Kettering.
London will be missed.

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