Nanee is a Korean-American artist (illustrator, animator, and graphic designer) interested in surrealism, cyberarts, glitchart, and street fashion. Concerned about the woes of the world and being but a singularity within it, Nanee expresses her innermost thoughts and contemplations on her perspective of such affairs, through her art. Although, there is an emphasis on the stark line work and limited use of color, she is prone to relax within the soft confines of milky chromatics and childish reverie. Constantly being submerged into both realms, she often finds herself daydreaming about pastel puke and butchered aesthetics.

    Mira Loma High School (2010-2014)
      CSU San Marcos (2014-2019)
        Palomar College (2016-2020)
          UC Los Angeles (2016) 

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